Reviews and Testimonial

“Chicken Shop” Park Theatre “Angela Bull’s quintessential “earth mother” Hillary exudes love and freedom”

★★★★★ The Upcoming

“Crystal Springs” Park Theatre “Angela Bull’s Rose swings smoothly between maternal warmth and brisk condescension”

★★★★★ The Upcoming

“Skin Tight” Park Thetare “Angela Bull’s Elizabeth is both wise and provoking… a top class production.”

★★★★★ What’s On Stage

“The action here requires trust between the two actors on a level which is quite staggering… incredible timing and amazing trust which had the audience open-mouthed and sitting on the edge of their seats almost unable to breathe.”

★★★★★ London Theatre Guide

“Angela Bull and John Schumacher give performances that are amazing. They are moving, funny, visceral and deeply engaged but necessarily supported by a physical control and skill that dazzles.”

★★★★ British Theatre Guide

Paul Olding_Director

“I have worked with Angie Bull on many projects over the last 11 years, from independent short films, to BBC tv serial drama, to full period drama. Angie is a delight to work with and brings so much depth of character and emotion to a part, and delivers such wonderfully nuanced performances, all within very tight filming schedules. I have directed Angie playing all manner of interesting parts, from an erotic fiction writer, to a reminiscing sister preparing for her Grandma’s Funeral, to the lover of Edward the VIII and also Queen Victoria’s confidante. Angie is a delight to have on set and I would work with her again in heartbeat.”


Julie Clare_Producer 

“Angela Bull is mesmerising on stage – intense, lyrical, tough and fragile at the same time”